"Michael King & CO have acted as accountants & auditors for our various interests for the last three decades and have always provided a competent, professional and helpful service in all matters concerning our affairs. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to others who require a similar level of service."
Taking a statutory obligation and making it a useful management tool.

With the experience gained through working with organisations of different sizes and the knowledge within many business sectors, we achieve great understanding of our companies and the financial information provided.

An audit is based on the size of the company. A company with a turnover of over £6.5m and with assets of more than £3.26m is required to produce audited accounts. By performing an audit, the company reduces its risks as specific areas are opened in detail and evaluated.

The audit process provides more detail and understanding to the shareholders and managers of the company to enhance the understanding of where the company can change, in order to produce a more efficient business.


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Shareholders want the best gain from their investment and audits are a great way to ensure the business is running effectively and productively.

We look behind the figures to consider their meaning to the business as a whole. We are able to divulge into potential issues and produce knowledge of where the business should go from there. By understanding each business, we are able to produce answers as to what should be done to remove any issues.


  • Achieve a detailed review of the Company accounting systems
  • Gain a better understanding of the Company
  • Reduce financial risk
  • Improve the status of accounts in the eyes of banks, lenders, the ‘Tax man’ and suppliers
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