"Jonathan has acted for us as our accountant and tax advisor since our incorporation. We have always found him to be very diligent and thorough in all aspects of his work. We have, on a number of occasions, had to call upon him in exceptional circumstances and he has never failed to deliver."
Stabilising an area of change

Non-UK domiciled individuals have favourable tax treatment under our fiscal regime. Many individuals come to the UK, e.g. as employees, but never the less retain their foreign domicile and in many cases return to their country of origin.

It is possible for such individuals to be taxed on remittance of income and capital gains and whether they do so will depend on the UK’s charge for such an advantage.


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We are able to advise on the best ways for monies generated by tax payers to be treated in the light of the law for non-domiciliary. Such individuals are also able to make significant savings in respect to the treatment of their foreign estate when monies are either gifted or pass on death.


  • We can assist the tax payer with their planning
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